The Minister of Food Industry, Commodity and Development of Sarawak Region YB Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi Anak Utom next completed the Opening Ceremony of the Sebauh Agrofest 2023 located at BDA Parking Lot, Sebauh Town.

This far Agrofest has begun since yesterday, July 8, 2023 and will run until July 11, 2023.

Attended by the Deputy Minister of Food, Commodity and Development of the Sarawak Region (Commodity and Regional Development), YB Tuan Martin Ben; Director of the Sarawak Agriculture Department, Mr. Dominic Chunggat; Bintulu Resident, Mr. Nyurak Keti; Chief of M-FICORD Policy and Development Division, Dr Gluma Saban; and Agriculture Officer of the Bintulu Division, Mr. Jackson Nanta.